Sermons by Pastor Gawel

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Going Forward

Do you ever find yourself wondering what things would have been like had that one thing gone differently? Maybe you feverishly wish this, but always to no avail. Spending time in that thought zone isn’t beneficial. It’s better to resolve to walk God’s paths going forward in saving grace rather than linger in regret and […]

To and From the Empty Tomb

A very different mindset exists between the yawning person lacing up their shoes for a casual trot and the person stepping into the blocks at the Olympics. A very different mindset exists between the professional runner and the person who is running for their life. This level of urgency is not relatable for most of […]

God’s Work Revealed

What’s a mirage? Usually something someone sees in the desert when longing for water. Off in the distance, there is a pond, a small stream, water, so the person runs to it and diving in, realizes it’s sand. Sometimes, they give way to the mirage and dig frantically at sand hoping beyond desperation to find […]

And So It Was

And so it was that God completed heaven and earth in all their vast array declaring them to be, “Very good.” In that goodness, God gave the man made in his image the task of naming the animals. And so it was as he named the animals that the man came to understand that even […]

Jesus Appears: As the Lamb of God

Have you ever gone into another room for something only to arrive in there with absolutely no clue of why you’re there?? “I know I came in here for something…but…what?! What am I doing here?” That’s disconcerting enough, but what’s worse is when you’re sitting there and you’ve been asking yourself that same question very […]