Midweek Advent

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How to Wait for the Lord

In the name of our Savior who is coming, dear fellow redeemed: IT’S HARD TO WAIT. ‘Tis the season for waiting. How many cruel parents are here, who already put presents under the tree? I’m thinking of the kids who have to look at those presents for weeks before it’s time to open them. ‘Tis […]

Learn From Mary to Glorify the Lord

In your nativity scene at home, no doubt the most important and most interesting character is the baby. The baby Jesus is the most powerful force in the universe, but now he looks like a little baby. And all of history is divided by this child. No matter how you label years, everything breaks down […]

A Promise Too Good to Believe

I. What Zechariah Doubted II. God, in Mercy, Fulfilled Tell me, have you ever been in a situation where you saw or heard something that seemed too good to be true? You just couldn’t believe it? Maybe you stopped at a rummage sale and you found an item that was like brand new, still in […]

Prepare the Way for the Lord…with Prayer

In our Advent services this year we have been focusing on the three ingredients which Martin Luther said that God uses to grow theologians. Those three ingredients, or three disciplines, if you will, are: meditation, prayer and testing. Or as they are sometimes called by their Latin names: Meditatio, Oratio and Tenatio. (Wait a minute. […]