Behold A Branch is Growing(Midweek Advent)

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A Messiah Bringing Freedom

Just for a minute, let’s take a little trip in time.  Let’s imagine that the year is 1850.  The place is a tobacco planation outside of Charleston, South Carolina.  And let’s imagine that the color of your skin is black.  Tell me, how would your life under those circumstances be very different that it is […]

A Ruler for David’s Throne

We are about two weeks away from Christmas. How’s everyone doing right now? Could you use a little bit more of anything? Do you need a little more time? Time to finish Christmas shopping… time to get to all the parties and family gatherings…? Do you need a little more money? Money to pay for […]

A shoot from Jesse’s line


In the last ten years or so, I’ve found myself taking more of an interest in my family tree. This interest has led me to genealogical websites, government records and more than a few cemeteries. I must admit that this new-found interest comes with some regrets. Why didn’t I pay more attention to my grandparents […]