Sermons from July 2016

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How to Pray Persistently

Have you ever heard of Sisyphus? Sisyphus is a character from Greek mythology, a king whose calling card was deceitful craftiness. He was so crafty, that he even managed to pull one over on the gods a couple times. Now, the Greek gods weren’t amused when humans made them look bad, so they punished Sisyphus, […]

One Thing Is Needed

Download Life Guide It’s unbelievably easy for life to get unbearably busy. When life seems to be pulling you in so many different directions, how often do we take quiet time to sit at the feet of our Savior and listen to him speak to us in his Word? It’s easy to think of that […]

How Do I Deal with an Unbelieving World?

Over the past two weeks, our sermons have focused on the importance of relationships, be they the relationships we have within our families (the bond between husband and wife, and parents and children), or the relationship we have with this family of believers we call Mount Olive.  Because God has bonded us together with the […]

See Your Savior, See Your Siblings

Download Life Guide Have you ever hugged a stranger? I’m not talking about someone you kinda know through a friend, or a co- worker you don’t really talk to. I’m talking a “never seen them in my life” stranger. Maybe you haven’t, but it does happen! Pretty often at sporting events actually. If you go […]

A Family Who Serves the Lord

As I mentioned at the beginning of the service today this is week one of a new sermon series called Real-ationships make all the difference. If I did a quick poll today and asked you where your most important relationships were found, I’d be willing to guess most of you would say “the home.” And […]