Sermons from December 2016

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Meet God…in a Manger

This Christmas morning, I want you to use your imaginations. First, imagine that you know absolutely nothing about God. Second, imagine you’re driving around Appleton. As you drive, you pass a church, whose sign invites you, “Meet God here today!” Your curiosity piqued, you turn into the parking lot and walk inside. As an usher […]

Don’t be afraid! I’ve got good news!

“Isn’t there anyone that knows what Christmas is all about!?” “Sure Charlie Brown, I can tell you what Christmas is all about.” I’d imagine that many of you remember those famous lines from the television special A Charlie Brown Christmas which first aired in 1965 and has been replayed every Christmas season since. Charles Schultz’s […]

Mary is Expecting a Baby

It’s an announcement which typically brings joy to the hearts of those who hear it. The announcement made by that young couple recently married, when they share the good news, “We’re expecting a baby!” Isn’t that right? I mean, it’s got to be right up there with “I just got engaged!” After that announcement, the […]

While we Wait…We Long for His Coming

Do you remember a time in your life when you felt like Christmas couldn’t come soon enough? Last week Pastor Raasch talked about the signs of the times. Already as a child, I learned to spot the signs of the coming of Christmas. At church it started with the midweek Advent services, rehearsing Christmas music […]

Dealing with Doubt

Download Life Guide Your teenage son isn’t home yet– 30 minutes late for curfew. What assumptions pop into your head? “He was in a terrible car accident! He’s dead in a ditch somewhere! He’s been kidnapped!” But…5 minutes later, he walks through the door totally fine, just a forgetful teenager. A young woman’s boyfriend hasn’t […]

Defining Repentance

Download Life Guide What do you think of when you hear the word “repentance”? Maybe you think of a child tearing up after you put them on a timeout… a husband buying flowers for his wife after an argument… or a wife apologizing for… well, actually… it’s never really her fault… but you get the […]