Sermons from October 2017

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4 Keys to Our Commitments

Download Life Guide He carefully observed each person who filed into the treasury. Some walked slowly, their heads held high, hoping everyone noticed the large bag of coins they deposited. Others walked quickly, their heads hung in shame, hoping no one noticed their tiny bag of coins. Some shuffled in grumpily, like kids dragged into […]

Excel in the Grace of Giving

Download Life Guide    My dad used to describe himself as a “Jack of all trades, master of none.” It was his way of saying that while he tried his hand at a lot of things, he wasn’t an expert at any of them. Sure, he could replace a washer in a faucet, but that […]

Move Forward in Faith

Download Life Guide             I expect that you’ve heard the expression that someone is “caught between a rock and a hard place.” It describes a person who basically has no good choices. He’s stuck. Can’t move forward. Can’t go back. Sometimes that expression applies to someone who is physically hemmed in.  He literally has no […]

Truly Valuable Treasure

Download Life Guide In 1989, a man walked into a Pennsylvania flea market. As he perused the market’s wares, he spotted what he called a “dismal painting.” As dismal as the painting was, he thought the ornate frame that bordered it was beautiful. The vendor priced the frame at $4, so the man paid $4 […]

How can I forgive you?

Download Life Guide “How can I forgive you?” It’s the question the middle-school girl asks, if only in her own mind, of her classmates who treat her like an outsider and whisper behind her back every day. “How can I forgive you?” It’s the question the middle-aged woman asks, if only in her own mind, […]