Sermons from August 2015

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Giving Our Kids God’s Best

I’ll never forget the feeling of cradling our baby girl in my arms just after she was born. She was so tiny, so new. I remember thinking how she had her whole life ahead of her. And though she was only minutes old, my mind was spinning with all the good things I wanted for […]

To Live Wisely, Be Filled!

Would you call yourself a wise person? Would you define your life as one wisely lived? You might think that’s kind of a subjective question. Some of you consider your life and think “Yeah, I think I am pretty wise from my experiences, from years of school and work.” But maybe you’re thinking of foolish […]

Bread for the Journey

You’ve all heard of the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, right? It’s a common way we explain that enormous gap that exists between winning and losing. It’s quite a different feeling being the general who accepts the enemy’s surrender than being the general who is doing the surrendering. It’s thrilling when the […]

Paying it Forward

There’s a pretty prominent concept in our society called “paying it forward.” Anyone heard of it? For those who haven’t, it’s the idea is you do something nice for a stranger. Then, they’ll doing something nice for another stranger. A chain of nice grows person by person, and ideally these actions make the world a […]