Ironies of the Passion

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We Have No King but Caesar!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that we’re in the heart of political election season. Right now, candidates are duking it out to be their party’s candidate for the presidency, which means that in recent political debates, we’re seeing a lot of finger pointing and “flip flopping.” One candidate accuses, “My opponent […]

Not During the Feast

Very often in life… timing is everything. If your timing is good… things will go well… if your timing is off a bit… it can be disastrous. A good example of this is what happened back in 2010 at a Houston Rockets basketball game. Many of you have probably seen a video of someone proposing […]

This Man Went Home Justified

If I were to say to you, “Oh, now I think you’re just trying to justify what you did,” would you take that as a compliment?  Would that be a good thing, that you’re trying to justify yourself?  No, probably not.  In our language today, in our culture, the word justify has the connotation of […]