Spiritual Growth Opportunities for Fall 2022


“God just wants me to be happy.” “God helps those who help themselves.” How many times have you heard these sayings in secular culture or from a professing Christian? Despite their catchy, positive appeal, these sayings and others like them have dangerous implications for Christian theology. This study will explain how these inaccurate beliefs distort our relationship with God and will help participants respond to false teachings about God and defend what the Bible teaches:

Leader: Pastor Robert Raasch

Date/Time: Sundays, 9:15 am – 10:15 am starting September 11, 2022

Place: Commons


This class gives a basic introduction to what the Bible and Mount Olive teach, along with a chance for you to ask questions, develop relationships with other people and the pastor. It serves as the path to membership at Mount Olive but is also a newly written class that serves as a great review for Mount Olive members. This class will meet on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings with the same session being taught on both of those days to give people the flexibility to attend whichever session best fits their schedule.

Leader: Pastor Timothy Priewe

Sundays, 9:15 am starting September 11, 2022
Thursdays, 6:00 pm starting September 15, 2022

Location: Conference Room


Life can often leave us feeling like we’re missing something – a sense of excitement or a feeling of fulfillment. We become dissatisfied with what we have and what we’re doing. We look for something “new,” but it always turns out to be the “same old, same old.” “Been there. Done that!” These feelings can spill over to our spiritual life as well – all we hear are the same old Bible lessons – the same talk of sin and grace. Isn’t there something more? These are the attitudes that Paul addresses in his letter to the Colossians. From beginning to end, Paul proclaims the sufficiency of Christ. Christ’s glory is everything we need to quell our dissatisfied and restless hearts.

Leader: Pastor Joel Zank

Date/Time: Wednesdays, 9:00 am – 10:00 am starting September 14, 2022

Location: Commons


Are you looking for connection and encouragement from Christian friends at Mount Olive? Mount Olive can feel like a big place. Life Groups offer the opportunity to grow closer to God and other believers as we strive to be A Family Growing in Christ. These groups, led by Mount Olive members, center around a discussion of the weekly sermon while also emphasizing the chance to get to know each other better. Mount Olive offers a number of groups meeting at various times and locations, in person or online, in homes or at church. We are looking for new groups to form. Meeting space is available. Scheduling is flexible. Groups are kid-friendly. Please reach out to your pastors if you would like to form or find a group.

Watch for times and locations of Life Groups in the coming weeks.


Where does a man go to grow in his role as a Christian husband, father, man of God? Where can he be intellectually challenged, spiritually fed, genuinely encouraged, and yet still receive a bit of good natured ribbing? The answer: Mount Olive’s Men’s Bible Study. This fall we’ll be studying the Book of Revelation. Come and dig into this often-misunderstood book along with us. Before you do anything else on Friday, stop in to recharge your batteries with your brothers in Christ.

Leader: Paul Kolell

Date/Time: Fridays, 6:30 am – 7:30 am starting September 9, 2022

Location: Fireside Room


This early bird special offers a bite of the Bread of Life along with your cup of coffee or stack of pancakes. Join us at Black Bear Restaurant as we discuss how the God’s timeless truth still impacts our everyday lives.

Leader: Pastor Raasch

Location: : Black Bear on N. Richmond St.

Leader: Pastor Raasch


Looking for an opportunity to sit at Jesus’ feet along with your fellow sisters in Christ? Interested in receiving encouragement to face the challenges of everyday life, as you spend time in God’s Word? Please contact one of these leaders to join their group:

Option 1: Beth Flatau (920-213-0780) – Monday in her home – start date 9/12, 7 pm

Option 2: Janelle Fuhrman (920-475-4229) – Tuesday in her home – start date 9/20, 6:30 pm

Option 3: Kerri Kleist (920-740-5901) – Wednesday in her home – start date 9/14, 4 & 6:30 pm

Option 4: Mandy Ehlke (920-750-4286) – Thursday in the Fireside Rm – start date 9/15, 8:30 am


As our children grow physically, growing in their faith and understanding of God’s Word is absolutely vital! Mount Olive offers Sunday School classes for age 4 (by Sept. 1) through 6th grade. These classes include Bible stories, crafts, music, and age-appropriate discussion and application of the truths of God’s Word. Sunday School uses a different curriculum than our Christian Day School, so each Sunday features a different Bible story not covered during the school week. Sunday School meets from 9:15am-10:15am every Sunday morning. Mount Olive also offers a daycare room with music, play, and structured learning for children under the age of 4 who aren’t old enough for Sunday School so parents can drop off their kids and attend Bible class themselves. Please make use of this resource for the spiritual growth of you and your children!