Sermons from December 2015

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One of Us, to Be One with Us

Download Life Guide Christmas is a time for family, isn’t it? With Christmas Eve and Christmas Day a few days in the rearview, you’ve probably already spent time with extended family at holiday parties. For many people, that makes Christmas a wonderful time of year! They love getting together with family; catching up and reminiscing […]

God sent us His Son

How often through the years I’ve imagined the scene of Christ’s birth – the dingy stable, the lowly manger, the swaddling clothes, Mary and Joseph and the shepherds. It is all quite a sight. But I must confess that seldom, if ever have I tried to picture the scene from the Christ-child’s point of view. […]

Jesus the Savior is Born!

Can I ask you, what are you doing here today? I mean, you didn’t have anything better to do today? Got all your shopping done, so you had an hour to kill, so you thought you’d hang out at church? Nothing else going on tonight? Nothing to prepare for tomorrow? And even if all those […]

Have yourself a Mary little Christmas

In 1944 Hugh Martin wrote a song for the MGM musical Meet me in St. Louis. And I’m sure the song is familiar to most of you. It’s called Have yourself a merry little Christmas. In the movie Judy Garland’s character sings that song to her little sister who’s upset about the prospect of moving to […]

A Messiah Bringing Freedom

Just for a minute, let’s take a little trip in time.  Let’s imagine that the year is 1850.  The place is a tobacco planation outside of Charleston, South Carolina.  And let’s imagine that the color of your skin is black.  Tell me, how would your life under those circumstances be very different that it is […]

Repent with Rejoicing!

Download the Life Guide. A young boy, outraged that his little brother had the gall to play with his favorite dinosaur toy, smacks him. As his brother cries, Mom rushes in, sees what happened, and demands that the boy apologize. With his arms crossed, the boy squeezes out through a pouty face, “I’m sorry.” But […]

A Ruler for David’s Throne

We are about two weeks away from Christmas. How’s everyone doing right now? Could you use a little bit more of anything? Do you need a little more time? Time to finish Christmas shopping… time to get to all the parties and family gatherings…? Do you need a little more money? Money to pay for […]

Christian, Be Faithful!

Can you tell me, what qualities do you think a Christian congregation should look for in a pastor?  In other words, if you were filling out a survey of what you want your pastor to be, would you say “I want a pastor who is…” Dynamic Friendly Intelligent Eloquent A leader Popular Good looking Faithful […]

A shoot from Jesse’s line


In the last ten years or so, I’ve found myself taking more of an interest in my family tree. This interest has led me to genealogical websites, government records and more than a few cemeteries. I must admit that this new-found interest comes with some regrets. Why didn’t I pay more attention to my grandparents […]