Sermons from November 2015

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Keep Looking Forward

Do you know the best way to catch a monkey? A weird question, I know, but trust me, it’s important! I remember watching an episode of some nature show on TV when I was a kid, and the host showed how hunters trap wild monkeys. They didn’t need guns, nets, or sophisticated equipment. All they […]

Jesus Christ is King!


It’s a question that is haunting the minds of a lot of people these days.  And the question is not, “How in the world did the Packers lose to the Lions last week?!?”  No, I’m talking about something far more serious.  Something much more ominous.  Something that has the potential to strike real fear and […]

We don’t want you to be ignorant…

What sorts of feelings and emotions do these images evoke? A casket. A funeral coach. A cemetery. You may know people who begin to panic at the mere sight of such things. For many people “death” is a most unpleasant topic – one they will avoid at all costs. Maybe you don’t like to think […]

The End is Near…So Be Joyful!

If you’ve ever ventured downtown in a heavily populated city, you’ve probably seen them. Men, sometimes women, and even children, equipped with sandwich boards and bullhorns; holding cardboard signs, with a Sharpie scrawled message: THE END IS NEAR!  Spit flies from their lips as they scream at each passerby, “Repent, you sinners, or you’ll BURN […]

Watch & Witness

When I was a sophomore in high school I was not always the most attentive student… especially when it came to math class. One day I was sitting right next to the wall in our algebra II classroom… and as the class seemed to drag on I leaned my head against the wall… and before I knew […]