Sermons from June 2016

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How Will I Respond to God’s Grace?

Download Life Guide It’s been two weeks since it happened, the massacre in Orlando.  Our hearts certainly go out to the victims and their families.  But today I’d like you to think about, not the victims, but man who perpetrated this unthinkable crime.  The man who wantonly took the lives of all those people.  Tell […]

More Isn’t Always More

What do you think is America’s pastime? It used to be baseball, now it seems to be football. But lately I think the new American pastime is shopping. We are rock stars at spending money. Check out some of these statistics: Average credit card debt- $16,000, Auto loans- $27,000, Student loans- $48,000 and combine that […]

Jesus Came for Sinners

She was broken. She was wracked with guilt. She was a sinner. But not just any sinner, her sinful life had stood out in her town. She was rejected by the pious and religious as an obvious sinner who was far away from the law of God- far away from good. But this woman, broken […]