Sermons from August 2017

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Forward in Faith

Download Life Guide Life was hard for Bill Grob – partly because of choices he had made and partly because of the times in which he lived. Born in January 1900, young Bill witnessed two world wars and, like so many others, suffered through the Great Depression sandwiched in between them. Years later a work-related […]

Are you satisfied?

Download Life Guide He was never quite satisfied. His mother Monica was a Christian, but his father wasn’t and he grew up never feeling a connection to Christianity. In fact, for much of his early life he searched for answers everywhere but the Bible. In his autobiography he wrote about a time as teenager when […]

Why some, and not others?

Tell me, have you ever wondered, “How can it be that two different people can hear the same Gospel of Jesus Christ, and one person believes it and the other person rejects it? How can it be that two children raised in the same family can end up at polar opposite ends of the religious […]

God’s Message for Wheat among Weeds

Download Life Guide It was a valid question, as they looked around and saw results much different than they expected. As the servants stood before a sea of wheat, slowly shaking their heads in disbelief that the field was suddenly overgrown with weeds, they couldn’t help but ask their master, “Sir, didn’t you sow good […]